How WiseWindow Works

WiseWindow’s MOBI Vibes Suite combines four patented technologies—a Web crawler, artificial intelligence, an advanced probabilistic engine, and natural language software—to listen to conversations across the Web. Whether it’s status updates, tweets, blog posts, comments, or message boards, MOBI captures it all.

But unlike Google, it doesn’t keep an ear open for keywords alone. It gathers and analyzes in the context of a particular industry.

Instead of searching for keywords, MOBI uses cluster analysis to compare the relationship of every word or phrase to every other word or phrase, constantly asking how probable each combination is—the greater the probability, the stronger the cluster. In order to teach MOBI what these clusters are, WiseWindow creates a taxonomy—a scheme defining what things mean. It then continuously discovers new unknown unknowns and adds them in, expanding WiseWindow’s data and its value.

In search-based analysis, you select and then maintain terms to keep up with changing topics and language. WiseWindow uses a bottom-up approach instead, capturing people’s language, sorting their words and phrases into clusters, and categorizing them. WiseWindow’s bottom-up approach spots new words and concepts as the conversation changes. That means you know more and you do less.

WiseWindow maps clusters against a taxonomy, a hierarchical structure of what is being discussed, like an outline. For example, conversations about the NFL include words about the League, teams, players, statistics and positions. The taxonomy would have the NFL at the top, a node for each team, a node for each position on each team, and so on. At each level, WiseWindow data shows the volume and content of related comments. In this way, WiseWindow tracks what millions of people are saying about offense, defense, quarterbacks, receivers, players, and more.

Meanwhile, MOBI is simultaneously building a bottom up, organic taxonomy defined by the conversations rather than (in this case) by the NFL. A player may have his own fan-generated taxonomy, with nodes for love and hate, his off-field scandals, and looming retirement. MOBI is constantly remapping these taxonomies against each other to reflect the real landscape of consumer sentiment and engagement.

What sets WiseWindow’s MOBI Vibes Suite apart is that rather than tracking sheer “buzz,” MOBI analyzes its character and intensity to learn what people are really saying, in the context of a particular vertical or category. In essence, WiseWindow creates a detailed, real-time relational database about your industry.  This database, in turn, often yields leading indicators that help you make better predictions. We call this database MOBIMass Opinion Business Intelligence. Put it to work for you.